Research on Political Preferences of the Youth 2024 Report is now published in English!

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The English translation of the report, entitled “Research on Political Preferences of the Youth 2024” conducted by Youth Organizations Forum (GoFor) and KONDA Research and Consultancy is now published and accessible in English. This novel research is the second in the research series, entitled Research on Political Preferences of the Youth, and conducted with young people between the ages of 18 and 30 in Türkiye.

The research examines in depth the political preferences, perspectives and attitudes of young people in various themes such as voting tendencies, organised youth struggle, social change, identity relations, and social and economic progress.

The research endeavors to establish a foundation for evidence-based advocacy to develop new strategies that enhance the political participation and representation of the youth. By elucidating the diverse perspectives of young people on various issues through up-to-date data, the study seeks to guide policymakers toward a deeper understanding of the current conditions facing the youth and, thereby, facilitate the creation of youth-friendly policy outcomes. Furthermore, the research aspires to generate knowledge-based solutions to the social, economic, and political challenges encountered by youth.

According to the key findings of the research:

  • A significant portion of young people indicated that they are undecided or prefer not to vote in the upcoming election.
  • Although CHP comes to the fore among young voters, the Victory Party enjoys considerable popularity among youth.
  • Young individuals predominantly favor official channels and social media platforms as means to drive social change. More agency-based means to bring social change are less popular among the youth.
  • A high percentage of the youth define themselves as Kemalists, nationalists, and conservatives, respectively.
  • A high percentage of young people are rather socially distant towards LGBTI+ people and migrants.
  • Young people consider the biggest barriers to women’s political participation to be the patriarchal society and limited opportunities for women.
  • Within the context of possible constitutional amendments, a significant portion of young people in Türkiye think freedoms should under no circumstances be restricted for the sake of security.
  • Young people do not find most political parties’ statements addressed at youth sincere. No political party stands out for them in this regard.
  • Economic problems are cited as the most important problem for young people in Türkiye, impacting their social lives, savings capacity, mental health, and education.
  • Young people see economic issues as the main reason for youth suicides.
  • For youth unemployment, young people suggest increasing educational opportunities and providing incentives for starting businesses.
  • Young women make up the majority of NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) youth, but their political preferences do not significantly differ from other youth groups.

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* This research was conducted with the support of the Embassy of Sweden. The content is the sole responsibility of the Youth Organizations Forum Association (GoFor) and does not necessarily reflect the official views of the Embassy of Sweden.

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