Exchange the Change!

Exchange the Change! We are waiting for your applications for the project! You can use this form for applications open until Thursday, August 5th.
First event of the program (advocacy training) will be in Eskisehir, Turkey on 17-21 August, 2021
Exchange the Change project aims to ensure and support the development of independent, democratic, participatory, rights-based, resilient and sustainable youth organisations in Turkey by developing the existing capacities of Go-For and RADA and their member organizations while strengthening international ties and partnerships between and among these groups.
The project offers (1) a face-to-face introduction to advocacy theory and practice, (2) online study visits hosted by the German Federal Youth Council, (3) digital advocacy training and developing advocacy action plan, (4) advocacy campaign implementation and ad hoc support. Participating organizations will have opportunities for collaborative learning and working in an international environment as each will be matched from another country based on their thematic fields of work. The project invites participating organizations to collaborate to produce advocacy campaigns that will contribute to Go-For and RADA’s joint commitment to produce a youth policy brief.
The participating organizations will be selected from RADA and Go-For’s members (4 from each). The selection will be made on the basis of the organization’s past experience in advocacy, motivation and thematic work areas. Two seats are reserved for each organization. Since the program language is English, organization representatives are expected to have English proficiency.
Exchange the Change project is a collaboration of RADA and Go-For with the German Federal Youth Council’s support and co-financing. The project also uses the international mobility model developed by Bilgi CCSS and Mitost. Exchange the Change programme operates under the umbrella of the Civil Society Exchange project managed by Center for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University and MitOst e.V. Civil Society Exchange Programme has been supported by Stiftung Mercator since 2015.

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